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Tue, 1. May 2018, 21:00 h - 21:45 h
Download Meditation with Thomas Hübl


Download MeditationEvery first and third Tuesday each month


Noon - 12.45 pm PDT (San Francisco)
3 - 3.45 pm EDT (New York)
8 - 8.45 pm GMT (London)
9 - 9.45 pm CEST (Germany)
10 - 10.45 pm IDT (Israel)

Dates in 2017: April 18; May 2, 16 and 30; June 6 and 20, July 4 and 18; and so on

For this meditation with Thomas Hübl every 1st and 3rd Tuesday the participants meet in inner connection. You can sit at home or meet in smalls groups and tune into the common field.

The download meditation lasts for 45 minutes and allows a deepening presence and self transcendence. The hereby created room makes it easier to enter into deeper states of consciousness and experience (download) transpersonal energy and transmission.

The term "download" refers to the transmission, which takes place over 45 minutes in this common energetic meditation. There is no download from the Internet and no link to dial in needed! No technical aids are necessary.

Transmissions open us up to deeper, profound states of consciousness. Experience which is outside our normal everyday consciousness becomes accessible as a result. At the same time transmissions support us in transcending the habits of our conditioning and to evolve beyond them. The force of creation flows through the body-mind and and brings light to those places which we have banned from our awareness. In this manner we are able to consciously extend our outlook on the world and consciously manifest transcendence in our daily life.

If you want to be regularly reminded of the meditation date, please fill out the respective form here.

The download meditation reminder will be sent twice a month at Monday before the meditation via E-Mail.

At what time takes the meditation place in your country? Have a look here on timezoneconverter


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