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Transparente Kommunikation Coregroup

The wish to deepen the experience you have made in online courses, workshops, trainings and at the Celebrate Life Festival has led to the creation of Practice Groups for Transparent Communication.

They have formed in different cities in the world and serve to deepen the practice of attentiveness, transparency and compassion, as well as the further refinement of transparent communication skills on a regular base.

They are guided by people with longer lasting experience in the work of Thomas Hübl, or graduates of the training program.

overview of groups in the world

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Significance of Red: these practice group leaders are also mentors for newly created groups!

Creating new practice groups

The condition for creating a practice group is participation in a practice group training, in time-less wisdom training and/or to be a member of the core group with Thomas Huebl.

Before starting to create a new group it is desirable that you have a conversation with the practice group leader trainers. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To ensure a successful start and to support you during the initial meetings you can take advantage of talking to more experienced group leaders who have volunteered to be mentors.
They are marked in red on the geographical map that shows the practice groups.

Yearly refreshers and deepening of learning for practice group leaders

Participation in the yearly refresher weekends for practice group leaders serves to ensure quality and to strengthen your leadership competencies, to deepen the content and to enrich the networking in our field. The next refresher weekend will be from 19 - 22nd October 2017.

These gatherings have grown into a co-creative togetherness that stands for our natural need to behave accountable towards life and the world.

You will meet people during these gatherings who want to help co-design and continue to develop the growing WE context of the inner science practice groups which have been running for the last seven years.

They share the space with like minded people and bring in their own individual themes. They feel joy and deep connections with the voluntary task of leading or assisting in a practice group as a not for profit offer in their home town.

Announcing dates and updates

For all practice group leaders, who want to make changes to their dates -

You can enter your updated dates here!


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