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ASSISTance group

Thomas Hübl + Assistants CLF 2011The assistants are, for the most part, people who have accompanied Thomas Hübl on his journey for many years. They have attended training sessions and workshops, and are very familiar with his work. Most of them still work in their own original professions, in areas such as health, various other therapies, coaching and counselling.

There are several meetings a year where Thomas Hübl is present himself. There are also weekends and regional group meetings which are held without him. Besides being strongly orientated towards Transpersonal Connection and the development of consciousness, the Assistance Group provide continuing training in working with people and groups.

Core Group Jan 2012The focus of these groups is learning, the deepening of experience, and the increasingly refined work with the subtle energies of perception that form the basis of Transparent Communication. It is from these Assistance Groups that the people come who support

Thomas Hübl in his interpersonal work in the training courses, workshops, Healing Events and at the Celebrate Life Festival. They assist in the individual's, as well as in the group's learning.

An established team of several assistants accompanies each Timeless Wisdom course throughout the three years of training.

Assis Jan 2012The assistants take one-to-one sessions and small groups; they are in daily contact with Thomas Hübl over how the individuals and the groups are progressing. The assistants meditate together and continue to develop their own spiritual practice, which contributes to an increasing solidarity between them.

As a result of this, friendships are formed, a Sangha (a community) comes into being, and joint projects are developed.

Direct contact with a spiritual leader challenges us to continuously take steps in our personal growth which are new and not always comfortable.

Sangha 2.0 Praxisgruppenleiter-Ausbildungs-TeamSusanne Ahlendorf, Axel Perinchery and Vivian Kolbe from the Assistance Groups are the leaders of the Practice Group training, Sangha 2.0.

They teach the subject throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in Canada and the USA now. There is an annual training update for Practice Group leaders, as well as telephone conferences, which gives them the opportunity to link up and exchange ideas.

There are also seminars which are run by other assistants on various themes. Here, Thomas Hübl's work is passed on and connections made to other competences and subject areas.

New Core Group Jan 2012In January 2011, this group of assistants joined forces with the newly created Core Group, i.e. with the graduates of the first Timeless Wisdom training course, to form a larger group which is still called the Core Group.

More Information about the first core group meeting see here

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