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Core-group group picture

The Assistants have merged with the graduates from the first Timeless Wisdom Training Course (2008-2011) into what is now known as the 'Core Group'.

The group met between January 17th and 22nd 2012, under the leadership of Thomas Hübl. Seventy one members attended. The main theme of the five days was 'the Soul'. Thomas gave talks and led practical exercises on this subject.

Coregroup Jan 2012Both groups of people have been studying Thomas Hübl's work for several years now. In the Assistance Group are those who themselves work with people, such as psychotherapists, physical therapists, doctors and other allied health professionals, counselors and coaches.
They assist Thomas with his groups and courses, and have continued their own development under his leadership for several years.

In 2011, the first set of people graduated from the intensive three year Timeless Wisdom training programme. Almost all of them have chosen to continue to use the special connection and energy that they discovered, both amongst themselves and also with Thomas Hübl.

Core Group 2012Bringing together the two groups enlivened the participants and led to a very open and skilful collaboration.

"The soul is the embodiment of the innermost essence of intelligence, which finds expression through the body, but whose personal identity is not bound by the body.

It is a higher dimension, and you need to open up your own field of vision in order to see this. When you look at people in the light of what their soul is capable of, they relax deeply, but this insight also activates the potential within and boosts their intelligence." (Thomas Hübl)

Core Group Teaching beim EssenThrough the exercises and the explanations that Thomas provided, the 71 participants were able to tune directly into the soul's frequency and experience its subtle energy.

With the assistance of a skilful spiritual leader, a group of motivated people can become an instrument for new insights and advances in the development of consciousness.
Also, the value of a Sangha, a spiritual community whose members are there to give each other mutual support, has become even more apparent.

Core Group DancingWhen a large number of people have a common spiritual goal, great potential is created. Aside from religious practice and religious institutions, this rarely happens in today's secular society.

It was a very inspiring five days which combined stillness with a hive of activity, and brought out new depths in the individual and in the whole group.

(Markus Hirzig, I. Krause)


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