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THOMAS HÜBL - Activities

Thomas Hübl CLF 2012Sharing the Presence is the name for the work of Thomas Hübl. That includes the Academy of Inner Science, open seminars, the Celebrate Life Festival and the presentation of Thomas Hübl's work in form of films, audios and texts.

Celebrate Life Festival

Every summer the Celebrate Life Festival is taking place. It is internationally oriented and aims at contributing to the development of consciousness. It is a mixture of a congress, an intense spiritual field, festival, cultural event and celebration of life.

2011 Andrew Cohen Halle CLFIn several theme pavilions an exchange is taking place on the social sectors i.e. peace work and conflict resolution, sustainable living, economy, health and healing, and education. Ideas are developed, solutions and future perspectives are found.

In 2014, the theme of the festival which takes place from July 24th to August 3rd is "Mystical Summer School - The Renaisssance of Spirit".

The festival's website is

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Healing EventHealing Events

The more conscious and awake the experience of National Socialism can be accepted and integrated, the clearer we as a nation are able to bring our contribution to the important global questions of the future. Our understanding of what it means to be human will gain depth. The quality it takes to accomplish this integration, is also the quality which we can learn from the experience of the Second World War: true compassion.

Thomas Hübl initiated three major events concerning this issue. The last was in 2010 in Berlin, with almost 1,000 participants.

Thomas Hübl meets Ken Wilber 2011

International Work

An exchange between teachers from other spiritual directions and Thomas Hübl began many years ago on the Celebrate Life Festival. It continues there every year and now also on an international level.

In addition to lectures and seminars, which Thomas Hübl holds since 2011 especially in the U.S. and Canada, his aim is cooperation and collaboration also on this level in the sense of a meta-sangha and global spirituality.

Thomas Hübl Boulder Integral 2011

In 2012, the first five-day intensive seminar took place in California.

The one-year training "Birthing a New We" began in autumn 2012 in collaboration with Terry Patten as an online course with several days of presence in the U.S. In February 2013 started the first online course in cooperation with the Shift Network.


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