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THOMAS HÜBL - Working Method

Thomas Hübl EinzelarbeitWith remarkable sensitivity, Thomas Hübl leads people into deeper dimensions of being, self-awareness and responsibility.  Through this, they transcend their egocentric view of the world and realize the authentic expression of the Self.

Thomas calls his work 'Sharing the Presence'. It is an invitation to a challenging experience: to be in a position at any time to practice mindfulness and interpersonal clarity. People question their habitual sense of self, enter new realms of consciousness and out of this experience, together with others, create new systems of cooperation.

Thomas Hübl Coregroup 2012 Jan

Central to this is the incorporation of the parts of the personality that remain in the shadows. Hidden traits and potential are brought out from the dark and into consciousness. Shadow work is an opportunity to tackle painful subjects, anxiety and suppressed feelings and to live life with more intensity.  All the parts of a person's personality which, up until now, have been unable to develop fully, if at all, can be perceived more consciously, and be developed further.

In Germany, there are strong collective shadows from history which find expression in many people. This comes to light over and over in the course of Thomas' work during his Intensive Seminars.

Thomas Huebl Einzel 2012 Jan

Without incorporating the unconscious parts of our personality, spiritual development cannot be complete.

Thomas Hübl has the ability to recognize the potential of an individual or a group, and can thereby view the present from a future perspective. For many people, the future is where they project the hopes and desires that have not been fulfilled in the present.

This contributes to their eschewing a more intensive life. A different appreciation of the future would be to be so in the present moment that we live a deeper and fuller version of ourselves, thereby already living out our future potential in the present.

Thomas Huebl JanThe most important area of Thomas Hübl's work is the mystical dimension. Through the mystical practice of meditation, people can transcend their traditional understanding of reality and the view of the Self they are used to.

Thomas Hübl makes use of various methods that he has either generated himself or developed further.

The most important of these are Transparent Communication, and various kinds of mystical practice such as meditation, silence, and tone-meditation.

Thomas Hübl's transparent communication

Transparene Kommunikation Kleingruppe

Thomas Hübl’s Transparent Communication is an empathetic form of communication similar to Marshall Rosenberg's Non-violent Communication. Transparent Communication brings in a further dimension - that of the transpersonal perspective. Thomas Hübl uses these methods in his seminars and training sessions when working with individuals and small groups as well as with much larger gatherings.

For example, he uses non-violent communication in order to explore what has come out into the open. When intense emotions are released in the course of dealing with another person, no blame is laid upon that person. The responsibility remains with the person themself, and he or she expresses feelings and needs in a considerate and calm manner.

Thomas Huebl Coregroup 2012 Jan

In Transparent Communication, the viewpoint shifts, encompassing the space surrounding the individual as well.  A transpersonal point of view then ensues. Without this, we are bound to our own perspective and continue to view the world through our own eyes.

Transpersonal means looking at things with a greater awareness. We perceive the world and ourselves not only as this 'Self' - there is something greater that the Self is aware of.

At the same time, it is conscious of all the other Selfs that also inhabit the transpersonal space. It is not bound to one person - everything is manifest in it.

Transparent Communikation Sharinggroup Celebrate Life Festival 2012

When we learn to take a hold of this higher perspective, a completely new leap forward becomes possible into seeing interpersonal reality.

Through this, something new can be realized. In Transparent Communication, we automatically become aware of information that is unconscious or subconscious.

We experience our own thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, our own inner world, and that of others. The space around us all becomes a part of it. In the ideal situation, the dialogue does not revolve around solid evidence, but grasps the essence of what is and of what will be revealed.

TanzenTransparent Communication can also be non-verbal, for example through dance, in conscious connection with the dance partner. Free and structured dance forms a part of the seminars.

Working on Interpersonal Clarity through Transparent Communication makes practicing mysticism easier, as people who have transcended the nature of their personality to a large degree are less constrained by the limitations of the Self.

There are now groups that practice Transparent Communication in many places where German is spoken, and in the USA and Canada.

Thomas Hübl about Transparent Communication (audio, New Year's Eve Retreat 2012/2013, 4.48 min)

Mystical Practice


Thomas Hübl takes us through Tone- and Sound-Meditations, either on a one-to-one basis or as part of a group. A synchronization occurs through a subconscious space that envelops all the participants.

Deeper meditative states can be experienced. We are elevated into a healing communion and are in touch with the world's one collective tongue. More on Toning

Meditation is the main emphasis of Thomas Hübl's work. He suggests that anyone who wishes to become more involved in his work meditates every day. We can let go of the way we usually see ourselves, and can transcend the concept of a Self that is separate from others.

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