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Thomas Hübl at Celebrate Life Festival August 2012Thomas Hübl was born in 1971 in Vienna. He studied Medicine for several years and was intensely interested in body therapy.

At age 26 he followed a strong inner call and retired for four years to the Czech Republic. There he devoted himself almost exclusively to meditation and the exploration of inner spaces of consciousness. During this time Thomas Huebl experienced a fundamental inner opening.

After this transformation, he returned to Vienna and gave individual sessions that touched many people deeply and encouraged them to look behind their habits and patterns into their essence.

Thomas Hübl at Celebrate Life Festival August 2012 The spiritual teacher Paul Lowe recognized Thomas' potential and supported him. Invitations to give own workshops followed. By and by, open evenings and groups which attracted more and more participants, were held in many German cities. His notoriety increased and his work became known internationally.

Since 2004 Thomas has been offering workshops, trainings, tonings (sound meditations) and larger events with over 1,000 participants, such as the annual Celebrate Life Festival and the large-scale healing events.

Thomas Hübl lives with his partner, the Israeli artist Yehudit Sasportas, and their mutual daughter in Berlin and Tel Aviv.

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